FLODocs Captures Fundica Pitch Competition

In business, success is measured by revenue and happy customers. But it is also satisfying to have your success acknowledged by others.
We are excited to have been selected last week as the first 2017 Fundica Roadshow winner, which featured pitches by 20 high-growth technology startups. Winning the competition in Toronto puts us in the running to secure the $1,000,000 Investment Award from First Stone Venture Partners.

“We’re thrilled to have won the competition,” said Mark Walker, FLODocs’ CEO and co-founder. “A lot of impressive startups pitched, which made it even more exciting to have been selected by the judges. Our award-winning change management software product is seeing tremendous growth, and the Fundica prize is yet another indication that our story is resonating.”

fundicaTo pitch at a Fundica event, startups needed to expected revenue growth of more than 50%, which put us in fairly exclusive company.

The Fundica award highlights a great year for FLODocs. Revenue soared by 289% while our customer base quadrupled to more than $1.8-million in ongoing annual contracts.

We are looking to repeat that growth pace in 2017 with the maturation of our Salesforce and NetSuite products.

Our growth has been fueled by strong demand from companies looking for leading-edge tools to do automated documentation and optimization, intelligent change management and enterprise compliance.

We’re seeing growing interest from customers looking for FLODocs to help them change their business systems quickly and easily.

In particular, public companies are flocking to FLODocs to rapidly improve their change management, as well as their master data controls and IT General Controls (ITGC) to meet regulatory or SOX compliance needs.

A key element of our technology is the use of artificial intelligence to quickly and safely automate the time-consuming tasks required to make changes to complex systems such as NetSuite or Salesforce.

Our software is a game-changer. It does in hours and days what takes weeks and months to do manually. In other words, we make the impossible possible.

We see change as a competitive asset that allows companies using NetSuite and Salesforce to move at the speed of business.