Easier NetSuite Release Testing with FLODocs

Release preview testing is critical to ensuring your account performs as required as NetSuite releases change and enhancements.  FLODocs can make this process easier and faster in the following ways:

  1. Reactivate critical searches – Make sure you reactivate your critical searches.  In release preview demo accounts, searches and mass updates are normally inactivated to prevent them from accidentally sending emails.  However, some of these searches may be critical to testing your processes.  Searches that have dependencies such as scripts or workflows, may need to be active in order for you to properly test your account depending upon how they are called.  In addition, searches linked to specific processes should also be reactivated as you are testing the process.  You can use FLO Scripted Searches (FLODocs>Script Management>Scripted Searches) to identify the specific searches you need to reactivate to enable your account to work as expected.
  2. Environment Comparison – If your account is rapidly changing, the release preview demo account may not be completely up to date. The Environment Comparison tool can quickly identify what is different between your current accounts and the release preview account.  Find out how it works at http://www.flodocs.com/knowledgebase/environment_comparison/
  3. Test Plans – FLODocs test templates and scripts you can be linked to your processes in your production account to ensure the test plans are available in the Release Preview. Test data can be exported and imported into your production account or be created directly in production.  Linking test plans to processes and critical customizations provides a systematic approach to testing your critical processes in NetSuite.  Testers can also rapidly document any issues or opportunities for improvement using FLODocs Process Issue records tied directly to the customization and/or process being tested.

Please note that you cannot install FLODocs into your release preview account.  It already has to be in your production account prior to the release preview data set being extracted.  If you don’t have FLODocs yet, please contact us at info@flodocs.com and you can quickly try FLODocs risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee.