The Reviews Are In!

Here’s a confession from the Strongpoint marketing department: We’re not that good at celebrating ourselves. Most of the time, we’re working hard, alongside our customer success and dev teams, to help companies improve their change management and compliance processes. We rarely have time to look back and recognize our successes. 

A few months ago, we started reaching out to customers and listening to their stories. Many volunteered to be part of a case study — we’ve collected a few great examples on our Customer Stories page. But we also found that, the more we spoke with customers about their experiences, the more eager they were to share those experiences with others. 

Not everyone we talked to was in a position to do a video interview or detailed case study. In some cases, confidentiality — particularly in pre-IPO companies — prevented them from going on the record. But we learned a lot, regardless. And as we were doing this, we started to see a sudden influx of reviews on the sites we use to market our products — namely, SuiteApp, AppExchange and G2. 

Now, you can navigate to the Reviews page on our site to read all the comments in place. Here are some recent quotes that we particularly loved:


Like many companies that use NetSuite, we have a heavily customized (and old) instance so there's a significant risk of breaking things when changes are made. Strongpoint prevents almost all of this by allowing us to do an impact analysis for any potential change. It's also great for keeping things clean (identifying and archiving unused searches), tracking changes, finding SQL queries, etc. The product has a lot of other uses (ITGC, SOD, SOX compliance, etc) as well, but it's the documentation component that made me fall in love. I wouldn't want to administer any NetSuite instance without Strongpoint.


As a public company we have to meet stringent audit requirements for any changes being made to the production system. Strongpoint helps to ensure that changes have been properly vetted and approved by management before being applied. This has helped to streamline the generation of evidence for audit requirements.


Highly valuable tool to support NetSuite portfolio management including change management, environment management, SoD, SOX compliance, etc. It helps to be pro-active and mitigates risks. Great to see product development roadmap influenced by customer feedback!


ZoomInfo recently held the first tech IPO in our current landscape and Strongpoint helped set us up as the largest tech IPO in ten years. Technically, we have a year after our first 10Q to be SOX compliant but because of their prebuild change control policies, approval routing, ITGCs, SOD and automated reporting, they put us a year ahead of the game. Their implementation team is extremely knowledgeable and is able to get us up and running very quickly offering a very high time to value. Our SOX audit team said we had the best controls for an organization pre-IPO that they had ever seen. Thanks Strongpoint!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting more quotes and success stories on our social media channels. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, we look forward to connecting with you soon. 

Why We Care About Reviews

Everyone loves getting praise — there’s no denying that we celebrate every positive review we receive. But sometimes the criticisms are just as instructive. Though we’ve never received an outright negative review, in the past customers have brought to our attention gaps in our processes and things that can be improved on. And we love that, too! It lets us know what we need to focus on to do better. 

There’s even an interesting parallel here to the audit process that many of our customers go through. While auditors want to see a successful protocol for approving changes, they’re more interested in seeing when things fall through the cracks. In other words, the problems give a better picture of a system's overall resiliency than the unqualified successes. 

That's a philosophy we've adopted at Strongpoint. And just as our product gives you tools for identifying and resolving those problems, your reviews give us a way of seeing where we haven’t met our own high standards. 

Returning the Favor

Are we a customer of yours? We work with some great vendors that we’d love to highlight. Get in touch, we’d be happy to leave a review on the platform of your choice, or talk about other ways we can be a part of your success. Reach out and let's talk!

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