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Ring the Bell: IPO Veterans Talk Going Public With NetSuite

NetSuite is the ERP system of choice for more than 63% of tech IPOs. As a growing number of unicorns and other ambitious companies turn to the platform, the community has grown with it. We’re finding that people are eager to share their experiences. Last Tuesday’s webinar, “The Successful IPO: From Those Who’ve Done It Before,” is a perfect example of this. 

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How to Avoid 'Execute as Admin' Deficiencies on Audit

Most customers come to Strongpoint in anticipation of going public or in preparation for audit after an IPO. Recently, however, an increasing number of public companies are purchasing our products after failing an audit or receiving a warning of material deficiencies. The good news is that, in all cases, the main challenges are entirely avoidable without a great deal of work.

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