The Best of the NetSuite 2022.2 Release

NetSuite’s 2022.2 release is now rolling out to customers — and to make things easier for you, we’re rounding up some of the best and most interesting feature enhancements and updates. As with previous releases, 2022.2 began rolling out in mid-August and will continue to be migrated into customer accounts for the next three months.

Testing the Release Preview 

Before we review some of the newest features and enhancements, we wanted to mention NetSuite’s Release Preview account. Testing in the release preview environment is strongly recommended for organizations with heavily customized or mature accounts; doing so will ensure an easy transition to the new release, and allow users to double check that all processes will run smoothly with the new update.

Now let’s get into the best of NetSuite’s 2022.2 release — here's six new features we love, in no particular order.

1. HR Employee User License Update 

Account users that are assigned a “Non Worker” employee type are no longer counted against HR Employee license counts. You can set the employees' type on the Human Resources subtab of the employee record. 

2. Create NetSuite Vendor Bills from Uploaded Files

You can now upload scanned vendor bill files into the File Cabinet and then create NetSuite vendor bills from these uploaded files; this process supports items and expenses. Uploading vendor bills eliminates the bill entry process to reduce manual errors and inconsistencies that commonly occur.

3. Enhanced U.S. and Canada Bank Feeds Configuration Setup Interface 

The configuration interface for setting up a U.S. or Canada financial institution has been updated. Previously, the configuration window consisted of a three-phased setup to connect your financial institution to NetSuite. 

4. Project 360 Dashboard 

The newest version of the Project 360 Dashboard provides a centralized view of key metrics and other data points to manage projects more effectively. Project managers can now also access the Project Portfolio page to view all the projects assigned to them. 

5. CRM Add-On

This new feature provides enhanced marketing and sales force automation, as well as customer service management capabilities. The CRM Add-On features new roles and dashboards for sales reps, sales managers and marketing and customer service teams, providing these employees with access to NetSuite’s real-time lead and sales activity data — empowering them to better serve prospective and current customers.

6. SuiteAnalytics: Scheduled Refresh of Cached Data in Datasets 

This new feature has changed the refresh frequency of your cached data to optimize resources and adjust them to your usage. Previously, all cached data was refreshed every 60 minutes, even if you were not using or viewing your data; now, the Cached Response mode monitors when you view your datasets, workbooks, and Analytics portlets and schedules refreshes based on this usage. The scheduled frequency can be anywhere between 1 hour to 24 hours. 

Of course, we’re only scratching the surface on what’s new in the 2022.2 Release. Login to your NetSuite account to see the full Release Notes here.