Congratulations Meltwater! And Other IPO News

There's no question — 2020 was a year unlike any other. But amidst all the uncertainty, many of our customers have achieved some significant milestones. And as this crazy year draws to a close, we think it’s worth celebrating those successes!

Just a few weeks ago, Meltwater became the latest Strongpoint customer to go public, making their initial offering on the Euronext Growth Oslo Exchange. We’ve been working with Meltwater since 2019, and it’s been amazing to see them take this journey. 

During that time, we’ve helped Meltwater’s NetSuite team build out a formal change management process that automatically assesses each change for technical and business risk, and assigns an appropriate level of control. This entire process is logged in an auditor-friendly report that will help the newly public company meet its quarterly SOX audit requirements. 

The Biggest Tech IPO of 2020

Meltwater isn’t the only notable Strongpoint customer that went public in 2020. This summer, ZoomInfo held the largest tech IPO of the last 10 years. Using Strongpoint, ZoomInfo’s team was able to get SOX-compliant processes and smart controls that continuously audit their system. As a result, like Meltwater, their NetSuite team is now able to walk into an audit knowing they’ve got the information their auditors want to see. 

In the lead up to their IPO, ZoomInfo brought in an independent audit team to review their readiness for SOX. Thanks to Strongpoint, “our accounting and finance department is the best set up they’ve ever seen,” the company’s Director of Financial Systems told us. Read our ZoomInfo customer story for more details. 

Going Public Is Only Half the Battle

For many companies, serious reporting issues aren't obvious until the quarterly audits begin. Not surprisingly, that's often when, and why, they turn to us.

For recent IPOs — and Strongpoint customers — Smartsheet, Fastly, OpenDoor, JFrog and others, because they’re running Strongpoint, they’ll be able to manage the process with considerably less work. Read Smartsheet's customer story to learn how they do it.

The Secret to a Successful Audit

There's a secret to making audit prep faster and stress-free — and it starts with great documentation. In NetSuite, documentation is the foundation that accountability is built on.

This past fall, NetSuite held a roundtable discussion with Dave Witty from ZoomInfo and Pamela Brunnett from Mimecast — both Strongpoint customers  — as well as Datadog’s Josh Skipinski, who used Strongpoint in a previous role at Spotify. As Skipinski said,

Document everything! Who cares if you're not going IPO for three years? Start now!


Watch a clip of the conversation below, or check out the write up in our blog:

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