Strongpoint Dreams Big in Florida

Paul Staz Strongpoint

This year’s Florida Dreamin’ was a big one for the Strongpoint team — not only was it our first year as a Gold sponsor, but we actually took first place in the annual Demo Jam!

Like every dream, however, our time in Florida had to come to an end. We sat down with Strongpoint team member Ryan Anthony to discuss the event and talk about some of what he saw on the ground.

Florida Dreamin’ is a place for Salesforce ISV partners to demonstrate their products. Aside from Strongpoint, of course, what were some of the most interesting things you saw on display? 

Honestly, everyone was doing interesting things — that’s why I love these events. Being in the Strongpoint Business Development department, I found our fellow Canadians Xactly really interesting, as they leverage AI for intelligent sales planning.

Salesforce is growing every day and with that, there is an emerging skills gap that many industry analysts have remarked on. How do you think Salesforce training will evolve in the years to come? Did you see anything that could potentially help resolve this gap?

Great question! FL Dreamin’ actually prides itself on being a people-first conference that aims to help the community grow. There were remarkable stories of people who, after decades in other industries that are on a downturn, made the jump to learn Salesforce. Trailhead is brilliant and I think that is where the gap will be solved — we just need to convince people how easy it is to get started learning!

Ok, so let’s talk about Strongpoint a little. We came in first in the Demo Jam this year. For those who don’t know, what’s a Demo Jam?

For those who aren’t avid watchers of the show Silicon Valley, a Demo Jam is where you get 3 minutes to show off your product and tell your compelling story against a host of other competitors. It’s very precise — at 3 minutes you’re cut off, no matter where you are in your presentation. There also are no slides or “my product will be able to eventually…” situations — it’s all live, and everything has to function.

At the end, attendees vote for the demo that impressed them the most — which, this year, was Strongpoint. 

What features did you showcase during the jam?

I think everyone’s favorite was the Dependency Relationship Diagram — in particular, how it feeds into our Change Enablement engine to really empower admins and their colleagues to leverage Salesforce.

What was the competition like?

Everyone had a great demo! Some were more theatrical than ours — we really just wanted to showcase the product without any fancy bells or whistles. 

What was the most unexpected feedback you got?

Someone came by later in the day and said our product is really badass — not something you hear every day in our field, but it was much appreciated!

The sheer amount of people who came up to us and gave us positive feedback was amazing. The product really resonates and we couldn’t be prouder.

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