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Four Steps to a SOX Compliant Salesforce Org

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As the Salesforce platform has evolved, auditors have become increasingly concerned with how public and pre-IPO companies handle revenue-related data and financial processes on the platform.

Unless you have tight processes for identifying and monitoring this data in your Org, it can be expensive and time-consuming to prove to auditors that your Org is compliant. 

This free Salesforce SOX Compliance eBook contains a comprehensive walkthrough of the steps involved in preparing your Salesforce Org for an audit — and the ways in which you can maintain SOX compliance on an ongoing basis. Download today and start building a more compliant Org from the ground up.

What's Inside

Get an in-depth look at:

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What's In Scope

Learn what auditors are paying attention to in your Org.

User Access

Understanding who has access to what — and prove it to auditors.

Change Controls

Automate tracking for change requests and approvals.

Data Integrity

Implement broad data security policies in your Org.

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