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The NetSuite Data Security Checklist

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Six Steps to NetSuite Data Security

Choosing NetSuite as your ERP means you have a world-class SecOps team in your corner. But NetSuite alone can't — and doesn't — guarantee you're fully protected from security threats. 

How your company uses, configures and manages NetSuite can make a massive difference to your risk of data loss, privacy breaches, fraud or damage to critical processes. Your people, your consultants and the customizations that you introduce into your NetSuite account can all create risk.

You share responsibility with NetSuite for mitigating these risks and keep your data and processes safe. In this eBook, we'll walk you through the six most common gaps, and six steps you can take to protect your organization. 

Step One

Review Your Existing IT Security Processes and Expertise

Step Two

Secure User Access to NetSuite

Step Three

Educate Your Team

Step Four

Review and Remove all Unnecessary Privileges and Access

Step Five

Don’t Forget About Documents and Folders

Step Six

Implement Consistent Change Control Procedures