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Crash Course: NetSuite User Roles and Permissions Ebook

Understand, use and optimize roles and permissions in your NetSuite account.

A clear and confident understanding of user roles is vital to successfully managing NetSuite. Whether you are implementing a new account, cleaning up an old one or setting up segregation of duties for SOX
compliance, you need to have a firm grasp of a few fundamentals.

This free eBook contains a high-level overview of how roles and permissions work in NetSuite. Download today and start building a more secure account from the ground up.

What's Inside

Get an in-depth look at:

User Roles

Why they're important and what they can do


How they relate to roles, and how they affect user access

Segregation of Duties

Actionable, real-world strategies for implementing SoD

Access Management

When and how to use two-factor authentication, SSO and more

Learn more about NetSuite User Role and Permission Clean Up, Managing SOD and SOX Compliance and Access Controls in our Full guide to management, cleanup and compliance. 

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