NetSuite Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Native NetSuite GRC tools support your efforts

Help your teams meet their Governance, Risk and Compliance obligations with smart, out-of-the-box tools

Make GRC Work for You

Turn GRC requirements into a competitive advantage

Governance, Risk and Compliance activities are necessary, but they also represent a cost to growing companies. Time spent preparing for and participating in compliance audits is time not spent on the business. In order to minimize risk and achieve successful audits, you need to have clear policies — and an audit-ready way proving that you are following them. 

Strongpoint starts you off with smart GRC policies, and give you tools to monitor them on a continuous basis. You'll save time and money on audit prep — and spend it on growing your business instead.

Technician preparing check list in server room

How Strongpoint Helps 



Built for NetSuite

Strongpoint is designed for compliance in NetSuite platform — with truly native, integrated tools, you can stay compliant as fast as you can use the platform.  


Automated continuous audit

Strongpoint is always up to date, so you are continuously being audited and always ready without needing to go through the prep yourself.


The most complete set of tools

Auditing IT activities and configuration changes, access, Segregation of Duties, and transactional data — Strongpoint does it all!


Pre-built controls and rules libraries

Leverage pre-built controls, rules and reports for out-of-the-box compliance. Not only will you save time prepping for audit, you'll also save time setting it all up in the first place.



  • Save up to 90% on audit preparation costs
  • Save up to 75% on IT audit costs

  • Free your NetSuite team to work on moving your business forward

  • Always be ready for audit